I can't force you to learn. All the information is in your books and on this website. But if you need "straight-up" links to sites with basic material, here they are! (They are also in the sidebars of the website.)
There is no way to learn music theory without learning music theory, just like you can't get a driver's license without learning to drive and pass the written test.
Help is EVERYWHERE! But you have to do a little work. And that scares some of you! Why? (Don't answer; that's a rhetorical question.)
If you learn it and understand it, it feels great and empowers you to understand ALL music better, perform better and maybe even COMPOSE better.
If you will spend as much time on learning theory as I do on keeping-up the website and planning for class, you'll master this material easily.
Here you go:
1. Music Reading Video Gallery
The Music Staff – 5 lines and 4 spaces
Musical Pitch – how high or low
Scales – the natural organization of notes
Notes – how to show pitch and duration
Rhythm – the beat of the music
Symbols and Stuff . . .

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