Homework Schedule 2016-2017

  1. Homework is sequential. It must be turned-in IN-ORDER. There is a posted schedule for homework. It must be done IN-ORDER and it must be complete.
  2. Incomplete work will be handed back for you to complete.
  3. All assignments build on the previous assignments.
  4. No whining. Get over it. Do the work. It’s either this or shovel coal. This is more fun!


Why all the fuss?

  1. Because you deserve the best…from yourself.
  2. Because creative thoughts are fragile. You have to be ready to capture them immediately or they die.
  3. Because it is in your best interest to study daily.  
  4. Allowing you to “slack” is wasting YOUR time with me. I have almost 50 years of music in my head and you need to get as much out of me as you can.
  5. Every time I have to re-teach something, you miss out on something bigger and better, and you “feel” stupid – which you are NOT.
  6. Studies show that by doing a little each day, you retain the material, you actually spend LESS total time working on it and you get higher grades.
  7. DO NOT mistake my charming smile and sparkling personality for indifference to what you are learning. No, I don’t determine your value as a person by your performance, but I DO determine your value as a MUSICIAN and student by your performance. Your performance in my class usually mirrors your character and habits in general. Shovel if you wish, but my way is easier and more fun.


Complete each assignment on the date THE NEXT one is due.
Stay 3 days ahead…
Or more. You DO NOT have to wait for me!

 **Assignments are SS (Sight-Singing) TEST GRADES.
Use solfege: record yourself on your iPad and email to johnjulian@misdmail.org
Sight-Singing is an easy way to get points on the test, and, more importantly,excellent aural skills
are required for at least half of the AP Exam, so do not neglect ear-training through vocalization.

[Homework to be posted here  and on weekly pages]





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