October 24 – 28, 2016




Turn in:

Aural Prof #11

Aural Prof:

  • Page 21 # 1 and 2 Melodic Dictation
  • Page 27 # 3 and 4 Harmonic Dictation w/Soprano, Bass and RN
  • Assignment #12


Begin working on homework assignments on the day we discuss a topic!



Homework due next class: Aural Prof 12


Aural Prof:

  • Page 21 # 3 and 4 Melodic Dictation
  • Page 28 # 1 and 2 Harmonic Dictation


Begin working on homework assignments on the day we discuss a topic!







Benward Chapter 5:  Phrases and Cadences


Resource material:




Composition Assignment #3 on Sibelius – instructions. Take notes! KEY POINTS:

  • Build your chord matrix. Build each chord from the Root up and circle the BASS note, which may or may NOT be the root.
  • Add Roman numeral analysis
  • Compose your melody from notes in your matrix. Your melody should move in mostly conjunct motion.
  • Your melody should be moving in contrary motion to the bass line at LEAST 50% of the time.
  • If you use an interval larger than a 3rd, the next interval should be a second.
  • Make your melody “singable.”
  • Fill-in the alto and tenor voices using static motion as often as possible, otherwise move to the next nearest chord tone.
  • Make sure you’ve created the type of cadence indicated. USE YOUR HANDOUTS.
  • Use the “Music Theory Quick Facts” sheet!
  • Add non-harmonic tones to each example as instructed on the template. Each non-harmonic tone has a specific “formula.”
  • Use the proofreading plug-in to check for Parallel P5s and P8s. If found, correct them.