March 26 – April 2, 2018

FROM NOW THROUGH THE AP TIME IT IS CRITICAL TO SPEND TIME EVERY DAY ON HOMEWORK DUE. This is skill development, and the GREATEST FACTOR in developing any skill is the FREQUENCY of practice. 30 minutes per day is at least 4 times as effective as 3 hours one day per week.

Aural Proficiency:
  • Melodies for Sight Singing #18
  • Melodic Dictation Page 450 #1
  • Harmonic Dictation, Page 363 #48
  • Aural Prof Assignment #38


Benward Assignment 12.7 (in class)

You will complete and email:


Homework due next class period


Aural Prof 38

Thursday/Monday (April 2)
  1. First AP Practice Exam Questions
  2. Complete any assignments that have zeros:


Complete and email: