Music Theory Apps

A non-exhaustive list of keyboard, notation and theory apps in The App Store.

In no particular order…Some are free others not:

  1. Piano – just search “piano” and download a free piano app. You WILL need it.
  2. Music Theory Pro – includes global competition!
  3. Earpeggio
  4. UCLA Music Theory
  5. Music Tutor
  6. Music Theory for Beginners
  7. Music Theory with AUDIO
  8. Intervals and Note Trainer
  9. Music Theory Intervals for iPhone
  10. Scale and Triad Trainer
  11. Relative Pitch Free Interval Ear Trainer
  12. Clef Tutor
  13. Music Theory Savior
  14. Music Theory Basics
  15. Music Theory Advanced
  16. Tenuto
  17. Music Theory Quiz
  18. Notion – notation app
  19. Notation Pad
  20.  Not an app, but runs on any device of any type through any web browser.